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A strong password must:
  • be at least 8 characters in length
  • contain a mix of lower case [a-z] and uppercase [A-Z] letters
  • contain at least one number [0-9]
  • contain at least one special character !@#$%^*()_+
Doing the maths

An 8 character password with the new guidelines allows for trillions more possible combinations than a password that only contains upper and lowercase letters. It's the difference between 358,088,394,343,581 - 52^8 which equals 304,628,665,812,224 combinations.

For even greater protection, make it longer than 8 characters.

A strong password must not:
  • contain your first, last, middle and preferred names
  • contain your date of birth – year (YYYY)
  • contain your username
  • contain your email addresses (before @)
  • contain your RACGP number

A strong password also should not resemble a dictionary word, keyboard patterns or sequential patterns and should not be used across multiple accounts.

Keep it safe

We recommend that doctors do not share their passwords with practice managers or practice nurses as sharing your password is a security risk even if you trust the other party. If someone in your practice needs to conduct a transaction on your behalf we suggest in order to keep your account secure that you make the transaction yourself. We also recommend not to leave notes with your passwords to various sites on your computer or desk.

  • Future security requirements
  • Why a strong password?
  • Why do I need to do this?
  • I need help
  • Unique email address

    As part of our RACGP systems upgrade, we are also in the process of implementing a new unique email requirement, where each user will require their own email address for their account that is not shared by another user. We will share more information on this in the future.

  • Your account is only as secure as you make it

    Identity and data theft is a serious issue so it is up to you to protect your account from any unauthorised access. Ensuring the security of your accounts should always be considered for all of your internet activity.

    To help make the password stronger you might try using a phrase or something relatable and substitute letters for symbols and numbers. For example, My cat's name is Sam could be MyC@t5N@me!5S@m

  • Always striving to improve

    With advancing technology, it is important we improve the systems and services that support the RACGP and its members. This is an example of one of the many steps we are taking to ensure our members have the best online experience possible.

    By introducing these changes, we are providing a more secure and streamlined service although remember, it is only as secure as you make it. Do not share your login details with anyone and make sure you always log out of a shared computers.

  • We're on hand to assist

    If you require any additional information, please contact us between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm AEST at the RACGP national office. Call 1800 4RACGP (1800 472 247) or email us at

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Update now for peace of mind.

Soon you be will required to update your password upon log in to the RACGP website in order to access your account.   Login now to update your details.

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But how do I memorise it?

So you've created a strong password but how do you remember it? We recommend using a password manager that can store your strong passwords for you. There are many commercial and free products available online.