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eHealth forum 2017

On Thursday 23 November 2017, the RACGP Expert Committee – eHealth and Practice Systems (REC-eH&PS) convened the third annual eHealth Forum.

A key event on the REC-eH&PS calendar, the RACGP eHealth Forum brings together leaders in eHealth, general practice and government to share ideas on the future of digital healthcare. Topics discussed at the eHealth Forum help define the strategic agenda for the REC-eH&PS for the year ahead.

The eHealth Forum 2017 was a resounding success, demonstrating the commitment of the sector to create digital solutions to maximise patient safety and improve quality of care in general practice.



REC-eH&PS Chair Dr Nathan Pinskier hosted a lively and informative discussion between presenters, panellists and attendees on topical issues in digital technologies and general practice.

RACGP Members and key stakeholders were invited to join the conversation on social media using #GPeHealth.

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The day opened with an update on work following the eHealth Forum 2016 with its themes of secure electronic messaging and farewelling the fax machine, usability principles in clinical software, and collecting quality data in general practice.

This year’s presentations covered a range of interesting topics.



The rapid pace of change in automobile technology

An overview of work to develop the driverless car of the future. Just as technology has involved in the auto industry, healthcare is currently being rocked by digital disruption.

Mr David Lejarcegui

Manager, Retail Consulting Australia and New Zealand, Mercedes-Benz Australia

Update from the Australian Digital Health Agency

A review of the last year and a briefing on the current work of the Australian Digital Health Agency, including the development of Australia’s National Digital Health Strategy.

Mr Tim Kelsey

CEO, Australian Digital Health Agency

Electronic prescribing

Electronic prescribing (ePrescribing) is a hot topic, with Federal and State governments looking to implement solutions that will improve healthcare outcomes and save lives. One of the key benefits of electronic prescribing is potential for real-time availability of all prescribing and dispensing information.

Ms Rowena Sierant

Director, Electronic Medication Management Section, Australian Government Department of Health

eHealth and a patient’s journey through the healthcare system

A personal story about how a patient and his GP navigated a complicated healthcare system. How might an up-to-date electronic health record and secure electronic messaging between GPs, specialists, hospitals and others have helped them?

Dr Trina Gregory and patient, Tom

Member, REC-eH&PS


Medical records are high value items for cybercriminals, allowing them to create false identities, source medications, and lodge fraudulent claims with medical insurers. With the notifiable data breach scheme coming to effect in 2018, general practices need to ensure they have policies in place to secure patient information.

Mr Anthony Kitzelmann

Chief Information Security Officer and General Manager, Australian Digital Health Agency Cyber Security Centre

Blockchain technology

Blockchain is a type of digital ledger technology developed in 2008 to underpin the exchange of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. In healthcare, the open and decentralised nature of Blockchain and its potential for data security will create new ways of managing health records and proving a patient’s identity.

Dr Michael Costello and Mr Bruce Haefele

General Manager, Innovation and Gateway Services and General Manager, Technology; Healthdirect Australia

A panel discussion followed the morning and afternoon sessions.

To conclude events, Dr Pinskier led an open Q&A session with panellists Dr Louise Schaper (CEO, Health Infomatics Society of Australia), Ms Emma Hossack (President, Medical Software Industry Association), Mr Grahame Grieve (Product Director for “FHIR”, HL7) and Dr Oliver Frank (GP and Member, REC-eH&PS).

About the REC-eH&PS

The REC-eH&PS, chaired by Dr Nathan Pinskier, provides informed advice on eHealth developments, information management, eHealth standards and other areas of developing impacting on the future operation of Australian general practice. The REC-eH&PS provides advice in the form of position statements, standards, guidelines, business tools, and other resources.



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