Templates and factsheets

Practice resources

These  templates and factsheets have been designed to help you provide information to your patients, create a checklist to help with the booking and set up process and an evaluation tool.

You can change the templates to suit your individual practice needs.


Patient information brochure on video consultations template (DOCX 144KB)

This template will help you prepare your own patient information brochure. The template covers many aspects of video consultations including what to prepare for a video consultation, who will be present, Medicare rebates and eligibility, and the privacy of video consultations.

Practice introduction letter to specialists (DOCX 137KB)

Once you have identified the specialists you want to consult with, this letter template can be modified to suit your needs and used to engage with your list of specialists, advising of your telehealth services and/or inviting them to join the telehealth community, improving the delivery of patient care.

Practice video consultation booking checklist template (DOCX 142KB)

Booking video consultations requires particular coordination and preparation. In addition to the usual specialist referral process, additional details to consider include testing the video conference interoperability, parties present at both ends, and any particular patient requirements such as interpreters and cultural considerations.

Post video consultation patient evaluation tool template (DOCX 139KB)

To help you evaluate the process this simple post-video consultation patient evaluation tool is designed to help you improve your video consultation processes and outcomes.

Telehealth video consultation specialist checklist (DOCX 140KB)

The specialist checklist provides a list of standard steps to consider before, during and after a telehealth video consultation.

Telehealth video consultation patient pamphlet (DOCX 65KB)

​Video consultation etiquette factsheet (PDF 579KB)

GPs and other clinicians need to consider ‘video consultation etiquette” when providing this service to patients. This includes being mindful of how the consultation room is set up, professional courtesy, introductions and the audio and visual aspects to the consultations.