Hardware and software requirements for video consultations

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What you need to run video consultations

When considering a range of technology options for video consultations you need to consider hardware, software, internet connections and the environment of the practice.

These resources will help you decide what will work best for your practice and patients when offering video consultations.


Popular video conferencing software (PDF 34KB)

This list includes the features, costs and contact details for popular video conferencing software. We suggest you trial a wide range of video conferencing software until you find the most suitable one for your practice.

Hardware options for clinicians to consider (PDF 31KB)

If you plan to do a lot of video consultations, and possibly have other uses for video conferencing equipment such as education, a hardware solution might be worth considering. We recommend that you seek guidance on specifications and support from a hardware vendor.

Guidelines on current video conferencing protocol standards RACGP summary (DOC 27KB)

Based on the Department of Health and Aging's Guidance on security, privacy and technical specifications for clinicians. This summary provides an overview of the recommended current video conferencing protocol standards.