Guidelines for interprofessional collaboration between general practitioners and other medical specialists providing video consultations

Patient health record
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GPs and distant specialists should each make consultation notes in their practice’s patient health record.

GPs and distant specialists should consider documenting in the patient health record information pertinent to a video consultation such as:

  • the consultation was conducted by video conference
  • patient-end location of the video consultation
  • persons present (other than the GP and distant specialist) and the patient’s consent for such parties to be present
  • rationale for a video consultation instead of a face-to-face consultation
  • which clinician is responsible for specified follow-up action
  • the recording of any still or moving images during the video consultation, the patient’s written consent for such recording and the location of the recording as part of the patient’s health record (whether stored by the practice or a third party)
  • any period of time a support clinician was not present at the patient-end (e.g. to allow the patient to have a private discussion with the specialist)
  • any technical malfunctions during the video conference (e.g. poor sound or image) that may have compromised the safety or quality of the consultation.