A toolkit for effective and secure use of mobile technology

Phase 3: Delivery

Step 8. Demonstrate leadership

Step 8. Demonstrate leadership


In order to move towards a practice that embraces their use, it is important to think about mobile devices as doing more than just improving communication flow.

mHealth can also have a strong emphasis on prevention, self-help and self-care. 


Your practice can demonstrate leadership in mHealth in many different ways: 

  • Explain to patients that the practice is ‘going mobile’ and staff members will be able to access their information more easily and efficiently when working outside of the practice, outlining the advantages and benefits.
  • Appoint a practice mHealth ambassador/coordinator who can promote discussions about how to best utilise mobile technologies.
  • Ensure there is a practice policy in place to which staff members can refer if there is any confusion or uncertainty.
  • Ensure there is training and support available for staff members to encourage involvement in mHealth, and to provide updates on technology changes and advances.

Delivery checklist

Plan for questions

Expect to receive a number of questions when you release your mHealth strategy 

Communicate value

  • Ensure mobile devices’ value for patients is communicated
  • Given messages from other clinicians will be most powerful at supporting organisational change, you could use ‘champions’ within the practice to promote the benefits of mobile devices

Monitor usage

  • Examine the adoption rate
  • Are there areas where more communication would be beneficial?
  • Are there workflow areas that could be modified to promote greater adoption of mobile devices?
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