A toolkit for effective and secure use of mobile technology

Phase 2: Initial trial

Step 6. Review staff code of conduct

Last revised: 30 Aug 2023

Step 6. Review staff code of conduct


Mobile devices have become part of everyday life for most people, with the boundary between mobile personal and professional lives becoming less significant, particularly for those using their own device for work purposes.

Given the use of mobile devices represents a new way of sharing and storing information, expected behaviours in the area may not yet be included in your staff code of conduct. The use of mobile devices imposes different obligations on staff members to be more mindful of how and where they use these devices in order to stop inadvertent sharing of patient information. You will need to update your code of conduct accordingly to ensure staff members use their devices in an appropriate manner.


Your practice’s code of conduct should include a section that outlines employees’ expected standard of behaviour when using mobile devices. It should be designed to assist staff members in understanding their responsibilities and obligations, and provide guidance on expected behaviour when using mobile devices for work purposes. Patient information on mobile devices must be kept secure and private.

Staff code of education – mHealth considerations

  • Educate staff members on behaviours when using mobile devices (eg keeping information confidential and secure, ensuring only you use the device, being aware of who else around you might inadvertently see the information on your device).
  • Use passwords and encryption.
  • Segment practice environment and data from personal staff data as much as possible.
  • Regularly review, monitor and revise policies.
  • Ensure mHealth policy addresses the risks associated with mobile devices.
  • Ensure correct IT strategy includes the appropriate processes to support the policy.
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