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Phase 2: Initial trial


Last revised: 30 Aug 2023

Phase 2: Initial trial

Developing an overarching vision and clear strategy for your mHealth plan will help each member of the practice team understand what needs to be done.

The planning phase is divided into several steps.

Review policies and procedures

Review staff code of coduct

Establish an evaluation plan


You may wish to assign priority to the steps within Phase 2 according to your resources and how far your practice has advanced on its mHealth implementation path. For example, actions within the practice may be:
  • essential – must be finalised in order to meet the minimum requirements to implement an mHealth strategy (eg ensuring your policy is aligned with the legal requirements of patient privacy and confidentiality)
  • expected – should be performed in order to meet the criteria under the RACGP’s Standards for general practices (4th edition) and CISS (2nd edition)
  • desirable – could be performed in order to ensure there is an ongoing focus on prevention, self-help and self-care, and ongoing improvement of care.
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