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Real Time Prescription Monitoring

Last revised: 26 Jun 2023

Real Time Prescription Monitoring

Real Time Prescription Monitoring (RTPM) is a digital system which provides information about a patient’s use of potentially high-risk medicines to the prescribing doctor and dispensing pharmacist at the point of care.

The aim of RTPM is to support clinicians to make an informed decision about whether to prescribe or dispense a monitored medicine to a particular patient, based on the patient’s prescription and dispense history.

In April 2018, State and Territory Health Ministers agreed to a federated model for the national RTPM system to accommodate jurisdictional differences in regulatory requirements. States and Territories will eventually develop or adapt their RFTPM systems so they are interoperable with this national system.

Individual states and territories are responsible for ensuring appropriate regulations are in place to support the national RTPM system. The list of monitored medicines may vary between jurisdictions.

With the implementation of RTPM solutions in each State and Territory work is continuing on the implementation to be able to capture and share information across all state and territory RTPM systems in the future.

RTPM promotes stewardship and monitoring of Schedule 8 drugs including (depending on the state or territory) oxycodone, morphine, fentanyl, and some prescription Schedule 4 drugs such as benzodiazepines, codeine and tramadol.

The benefits of RTPM system include:

  • identifying patients at risk of harm due to dependence or unsafe use of high-risk medicines
  • assisting to identify inappropriate requests for drugs of dependence; and
  • detection of clinicians who fail to comply with regulations.


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