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iRefer pilot: Recruiting GPs to test use of medical imaging guidelines

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) is operating a pilot of the UK’s iRefer medical imaging guidelines for use by GPs in Australia.

iRefer can help you to quickly select safe and effective investigations for individual patients. It can ensure that the most appropriate imaging test is conducted at the right time, reducing the instance of unhelpful or repeat investigations, supporting rapid diagnosis, and promoting quality care. Over time, it can reduce waste and cost across the healthcare system.

The iRefer project has consolidated almost 3000 validated medical imaging guidelines and associated evidence into a single library, now in its eighth edition. iRefer was developed by The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR; UK). RANZCR is looking to demonstrate the suitability of iRefer in Australia for  radiology referrers, with a view to adapt it for use as a clinical decision support tool taking into account the needs of GP referrers.

RANZCR is now recruiting Australian GPs to test iRefer in their practice over four weeks in September 2022 and provide feedback to researchers. In recognition of their time, participating GPs will receive:

  • $150 for induction to the program
  • $150 for the pilot briefing
  • $150 for each of four check-in meetings (total $600)
  • $150 for participating in an evaluation of the trial
  • $45 per iRefer test check and data completion, to a maximum of 40 image test checks.

Participants can also use the RACGP’s myCPD Dashboard to self-record activities associated with the pilot for RACGP CPD points.

The RACGP supports this pilot for iRefer and encourages GPs to participate to ensure that a wide range of GP perspectives are captured in the pilot to inform the next stages of iRefer in Australia.

To register for the pilot, please complete the form here.

To register your interest in participating in the trial, please contact Jessica Brown (Senior Project Officer, Digital Health) at quality@ranzcr.edu.au or call (02) 9268 9761.