Electronic transfer of prescriptions (eTP)

Benefits of eTP

The eTP is an important step towards an eHealth enabled healthcare system and improving medication management. It is the secure exchange of prescription information between prescribing and dispensing systems. The greater use of electronic prescribing processes will improve the accuracy and safety of prescribing.

eTP services

There are currently two eTP services available — eRx Script Exchange and MediSecure.

The prescribing process begins with a clinical judgement to prescribe; a prescription is generated and printed from the local clinical system that includes a printed barcode.

Electronic transfer of the prescription occurs at this point by sending a copy of the information on the prescription to a repository called the prescription exchange service or the PES. When the patient presents the paper prescription to the pharmacist, the barcode is scanned and the information is sent directly to the pharmacy dispensing system from the PES without the need to re-enter the information. This reduces the risks of transcription errors.

View this video to hear about eTP and how it works in daily clinical practice.