ehealth forum 2019

eHealth forum 2019

The fifth annual RACGP eHealth Forum was held on Thursday 29 August 2019 to great success. Each year, the forum brings together key stakeholders and leaders in eHealth to discuss issues affecting the general practice profession and industry. In 2019 the forum explored how health professionals can realise the benefits of using general practice data to its full potential in improving health outcomes.



RACGP Members, key stakeholders and attendees were invited to join the conversation on social media using #GPeHealth.

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Whilst the focus in 2018 focused on big health data, the 2019 forum generated great discussion on health informatics and utilising, and securing, data at a more local level, including how to empower practice teams as data managers and governors.

Keynote speakers, panellists and attendees participated in lively discussion. Topics discussed ranged from why health informatics is important in general practice, how general practice data can be used in research to support better clinical outcomes, initiatives to improve the quality of data in general practice, and the future of health informatics in an increasingly digitised world.



2018 RACGP eHealth Forum update

Dr Rob Hosking

Chair, RACGP Expert Committee – Practice Technology and Management

Australian Digital Health Agency update

Mr Tim Kelsey

CEO, Australian Digital Health Agency

Health informatics in general practice

Dr Steven Kaye

Deputy Chair, RACGP Expert Committee – Practice Technology and Management

CSIRO project update

Ms Kate Ebrill

Product and Programme Manager, Clinical Terminology and FHIR Products, CSIRO

Dr Nathan Pinskier

Primary Care Data Quality Foundations Programme, CSIRO

General practice data collection and analysis

Associate Professor Mark Morgan

Chair, RACGP Expert Committee – Quality Care

Maintaining the security of general practice data

Mr Tony Kitzelmann

Chief Information Security Officer, Australian Digital Health Agency

Research and general practice data

Dr Rachel Canaway

Collaboration & Network Manager, Department of General Practice, The University of Melbourne 

Dr Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis

Academic GP, Department of General Practice, The University of Melbourne

The future of health informatics

Mr David Rowlands

Chief Health Informatician, Health Informatics Society of Australia

Download the agenda and presentations:

About the REC-PTM

The REC-PTM, chaired by Dr Rob Hosking, provides informed advice on eHealth developments, information management, eHealth standards and other areas of developing impacting on the future operation of Australian general practice. The REC-PTM provides advice in the form of position statements, standards, guidelines, business tools, and other resources.