Standards for point-of-care testing


Definition of a general practice that performs PoCT

Definition of a general practice that performs PoCT

In order for a practice or health service to seek accreditation:

  • it must provide comprehensive, patient-centred, whole-person and continuous care; and
  • its services must be predominantly* of a general practice nature.

* more than 50% of the practice’s general practitioners’ clinical time (ie collectively), and more than 50% of services for which Medicare benefits are claimed or could be claimed (from that practice) are in general practice.

The definition exists solely to identify services eligible to be assessed as a general practice against the RACGP Standards for general practices (the Standards) by an accreditation agency approved under the Australian Commission on Quality and Safety in Healthcare’s National General Practice Accreditation Scheme. This definition is for the assessment of the environment and systems of quality and safety. There will be some services that are eligible to be accredited against the Standards but that may not be appropriate as training practice locations or eligible for entry into a training program. 

The general practice, once acknowledged as meeting the definition, must still meet all mandatory indicators in the RACGP Standards for general practices (5th edition) to be accredited.