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Introduction to Core Standard 3

        1. Introduction to Core Standard 3

Last revised: 24 Feb 2023

Core Standard 3

Practice governance and management

Our practice has integrated governance and management systems that maintain and improve the quality of care provided to patients.

Practice governance relates to the principles, methods and processes that clinicians and health service managers follow in order to support patient safety and quality care. It also helps you to set, measure and achieve your social, fiscal, legal and human resources objectives.

The ACSQHC notes that good practice governance is:

  • participatory
  • consensus-oriented
  • accountable
  • transparent
  • responsive
  • effective and efficient
  • equitable and inclusive
  • compliant with all relevant laws.13

Good management and leadership fosters a culture that is based on mutual respect. When you have this, the entire practice team will be supported to achieve excellence in all areas of the practice and participate in just and open discussions about how the practice can improve.