Winter Planning Toolkit modules

Module 2: Preventative measures

Cleaning protocols

Last revised: 05 Jun 2023

Cleaning protocols

Cleaning is an important part of both standard and transmission-based precautions to achieve a basic level of infection prevention and control. Specific cleaning requirements will vary for each practice. However, all practices need a cleaning policy/procedure that includes:

  • The name of the infection prevention and control coordinator and the staff member responsible for implementing cleaning policies (if different).
  • Work health and safety issues (use of standard precautions, use of transmission-based precautions where required, use of personal protective equipment, relevant immunity/immunisation, eg against hepatitis B virus, procedures for managing exposure to blood or other body substances, safe use of chemicals used, poisons information).
  • Scheduled cleaning details procedures: schedule and description (areas, surfaces and items to be cleaned at which intervals and with which products and equipment).
  • Safety data sheets for hazardous chemicals used in cleaning (more information available from Safe Work Australia).
  • Unscheduled cleaning procedures: method and products to be used in each likely scenario.
  • Monitoring process: when and how the effectiveness of cleaning will be checked.
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