Summer Planning Toolkit modules

Module 1: Natural disasters and emergencies

What if my practice is involved in an emergency?

What if my practice is involved in an emergency?

Emergencies such as floods or fires can impact your practice in a variety of ways. Examples of potential impacts include:

  • physical damage or destruction to your practice
  • IT and/or health records system damage or destruction
  • patients not being able to attend your practice due to road damage or destruction of their home or vehicle.

The RACGP’s Providing care and support during disasters webpage contains up to date information on responding to natural disasters and emergencies, including:

  • information on emergency planning and response
  • accessing financial assistance
  • providing care during natural disasters and emergencies, including via telehealth
  • mental health information and resources for patients
  • caring for yourself and accessing support during disasters
  • assisting disaster-affected communities
  • RACGP local contacts.

Applying for an accreditation extension following a natural disaster or other emergency

If your practice’s accreditation is due to expire in the next six months and has been affected by a natural disaster or other emergency, please contact your accrediting agency who can apply to the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) on your behalf for an extension to your accreditation expiry date. Such requests are managed under Advisory GP18/01

For further information, please contact your accrediting agency or ACSQHC's Advice Centre at

You can also contact the RACGP Standards team at should you have any further questions. 

The RACGP updates its advice regularly on the Providing care and support during disasters page.