Summer Planning Toolkit modules

Module 1: Natural disasters and emergencies

Disaster relief in general practice

Disaster relief in general practice

Natural disasters and other emergencies impact general practices in different ways.

Services Australia provides support to individuals and businesses who have been affected by natural disasters, including general practices and their staff. This may include personal financial support, accommodation, food and business support. 

During national health emergencies, including some natural disasters and emergencies causing mass casualties such as floods, the National Incident Centre (NIC) may be activated by the Chief Medical Officer. The NIC coordinates responses between the federal and state health departments, provides updates on health information and can distribute personal protective equipment held in the National Medical Stockpile.

State/territory disaster management

For state/territory health information and updates following a natural disaster or other emergency, visit your state or territory’s health department website:

For general updates and advice on disaster management in your state/territory, visit your local website:

Each state / territory rural workforce agency may also provide updates during emergencies:

CPD tip

The RACGP has developed a short e-learning CPD activity, Disaster recovery – providing psychological support. This two hour activity is available to RACGP CPD members and covers the following learning outcomes:

  1. Discuss the range of mental health problems that can emerge in the short, medium, and long term after a disaster or emergency
  2. Determine the required level of psychological support required for an individual after a natural disaster or emergency using the 3-level mental health care framework
  3. Develop systems to identify patients who need support, clinical assessment, or further intervention
  4. Discuss the importance of, and key strategies for, self-care by GPs caring for people after natural disasters or emergencies.