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Introduction to My Health Record in general practice

Test your knowledge

Last revised: 15 May 2020

You have now completed the Introduction to My Health Record in general practice education kit.

Test your knowledge of My Health Record by answering the following questions:


Do I need to ask for consent before uploading a Shared Health Summary to a patients’ My Health Record?

No. However it is prudent to discuss the information you are planning to upload with your patient if it is of a sensitive nature.

My patient has deleted their My Health Record. Can information still be uploaded to their record to be accessed if/when they opt back in to My Health Record?

No. Information can’t be uploaded to a deleted record. When the patient opts back into My Health Record, no previously uploaded documents will be available.

Can my practice reception staff access My Health Record?

No. Only AHPRA-registered health practitioners with a Healthcare Provider Identifier – Individual (HPI-I) can access My Health Record. Reception staff are also not authorised to access My Health Record on behalf of someone who does have access.

I have completed this education kit, what are my on-going education obligations?

Practice team members need to undergo My Health Record training every 12 months. You can refer back to this education kit or find other suitable training.

The parent of a 15 year old has noticed they can no longer access their child’s My Health Record. They would like to regain access because they believe their child does not have the capacity to manage their own record. What should the parent do?

A parent or guardian will automatically lose access to their child’s My Health Record when the child turns 14. The parent or guardian can apply to the Australian Digital Health Agency to regain access if their child does not have the capacity to manage their record.

Your patient has applied an access code to a particular document within their My Health Record, and they provide you with the access code. How should you store the code for future use?

The patient has applied a ‘limited document access code (LDAC)’ to their document. After you have access this document with the code, you will have on-going access to the document so it is unnecessary to store the code.

I’m concerned about the health of a friend. Can I access their My Health Record to check up on them?

No, you can only access someone’s My Health Record for the purpose of providing healthcare to them. It is against the law to access someone’s My Health Record for other purposes, which can attract a fine or imprisonment.

A medical insurer has requested access to my patient’s health record. Do I need to provide access to information held in their My Health Record as well as my local record for the patient?

You are not required to provide access to My Health Record in this instance. However, if you have downloaded information from their My Health Record into your locally held record (such as a Shared Health Summary) you will need to provide access to this as it now part of your local record.

Can a patient see my notes from my local file through their My Health Record?

No. A patient cannot see notes you have made in your clinical information system. They will only be able to see information that you have specifically uploaded, such as a Shared Health Summary.