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Introduction to My Health Record in general practice - Chapter 7

My Health Record for minors

Last revised: 10 May 2020

At the birth of a child

  • When a parent registers their newborn for Medicare they can choose whether the newborn will get a My Health Record. If they opt not to, they can still create a record for their child any time before their 14th birthday
  • Parent indicates whether they would like the child to have a My Health Record using the ‘Newborn Child Declaration’ form in their ‘Parent Pack’

When the child is 0-14 years old

  • After the opt-out period ended in January 2019, all children had a My Health Record created for them automatically if:
    • They are listed on a parent/guardian’s Medicare card, and
    • A parent/guardian has not opted out of My Health Record on their behalf
  • For children aged up to 14 years old, a parent/guardian typically manages their My Health Record and makes decisions about access for healthcare organisations
  • The parent/guardian can view information in the child’s record including: MBS, PBS and immunisation records until the child’s 14th birthday

At the individual’s 14th birthday

  • When a child turns 14, the parent/guardian automatically loses ‘authorised representative’ status and they can no longer access the child’s record
  • This is consistent with the legal rights of a competent minor to seek medical care without the knowledge and consent of a parent/guardian
  • A parent/guardian who believes the child does not have capacity to manage their own record can apply to the Australian Digital Health Agency to continue to act as the child’s authorised representative
  • A minor can also make their parents an authorised representative if they wish – that also allows them to choose the level of access they have to the documents in the record.

At the individual’s 18th birthday

  • When the individual turns 18, they will receive a letter notifying them that any authorised representatives will no longer have access to their record
  • They can still opt to make someone an authorised representative if they wish.
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