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Last revised: 29 May 2024

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PSML stands for ‘Pharmacist Shared Medicines List’, a document within a patient’s My Health Record that contains a consolidated list of all medicines that the patient is known to be taking at the time of its creation.

False. Not all prescriptions need to include the name of the active ingredient under the initiative. The rule does not apply to prescriptions for medicines with four or more active ingredients, certain items excluded for practicality and safety reasons, handwritten prescriptions, or paper-based medication charts in hospitals and residential aged care settings.

Registering for an Active Script List (ASL) can reduce the burden of managing multiple electronic prescriptions. Participating pharmacies will be able to access the person’s ASL (with their consent), and dispense the relevant medicines without that person having to locate the QR codes for each electronic prescription.


  1. It identifies people who are at risk of harm due to misuse of monitored medicines
  2. It identifies patients who might be diverting monitored medicines for unauthorised use
  3. It reduces doctor-shopping
  4. It provides data to regulators to assist them to detect prescribers who are not complying with regulations around the prescription of monitored medicines.
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