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Digital initiatives to support medicines safety

4. Initiatives as part of My Health Record

Last revised: 29 May 2024

4. Initiatives as part of My Health Record

There are several ways in which My Health Record might support medicines safety.

Shared health summary

A shared health summary (SHS) is a document that might be found in a patient’s My Health Record that provides a snapshot of the patient's health status at a point in time. It can include information about their medical history, including:

  • medical conditions
  • medicines
  • allergies and adverse reactions
  • immunisation information.

The SHS can be accessed by relevant healthcare practitioners involved in the treatment of a particular patient, which can keep relevant members of the treating team informed about issues related to that patient’s safe use of medicines.

PBS and RPBS claim data

This list provides the details of PBS and RPBS medicines claims information sourced from Services Australia. The details of any successful claims made in the past two years will be included unless the consumer has chosen not to include them by adjusting the settings in their My Health Record.

Prescription and dispense records

This list in My Health Record provides a view of medicines prescribed and dispensed and can be filtered by the following:

  • date range
  • prescribe or dispense records
  • active ingredient
  • brand name.

Prescription records may include information on:

  • brand name/strength prescribed
  • active ingredient
  • dosage instructions
  • maximum number of prescription repeats
  • date of prescription expiry.

Dispense records may include:

  • brand name and strength prescribed
  • active ingredient
  • strength dispensed
  • dosage instructions
  • number of repeats already dispensed
  • number of remaining repeats
  • the date dispensed.

Pharmacist Shared Medicines List (PSML)

This is a document within a patient’s My Health Record that includes a consolidated list of all medicines that the patient is known to be taking at the time of its creation, including prescribed, over-the-counter and complementary medicines such as vitamins and herbal products. The PSML is created by a healthcare provider, and will only be seen in the My Health Record if there is one available and the patient has not removed it from view.

Medicines View

The Medicines View extracts and collates information from different parts of a patient’s My Health Record, and displays it in a summarised view. The Medicines View can provide a snapshot of allergies and adverse reactions as well as medicines information and save healthcare providers’ time by reducing the need to search through documents in the My Health Record to find this information.

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