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5. eNMRC in RACFs

Last revised: 30 May 2024

5. Electronic National Residential Medication Chart (eNMRC) in residential aged care facilities (RACFs)

Many RACFs use a form of the National Residential Medication Chart (NRMC) to manage patient medicines. The Department of Health and Aged Care is currently supporting residential aged care facilities (RACFs) to transition to an electronic National Residential Medication Chart (eNRMC) to enhance efficiency and safety. An eNRMC supports the prescriber’s order of a medicine, the pharmacist’s review of the medicines order, and the nurse’s documentation of administration of the medicine. The eNRMC also supports the supply of PBS/RPBS and non-PBS medicines.


The eNMRC offers a range of benefits for RACFs, patients, prescribers, dispensers, and nurses administering medicines.

For GP prescribers, some benefits include:2
  • No need to use paper-based prescriptions and write on paper-based charts.
  • Ability to review and reissue medicines for up to six months.
  • Ability to receive real-time alerts about a patient’s medicines from RACFs or the relevant pharmacy. Alerts and reminders about allergies, interactions and prescription due dates.
  • Greater visibility of patients’ response to treatment.
  • Easier to prescribe medicines and review medical management remotely, reducing the need to place telephone orders.
  1. Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. Electronic National Residential Medication Chart Medication Management Systems: Your guide to safe implementation in residential care facilities. Sydney: NSW, ACSQHC; 2021.
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