Managing pandemic influenza in general practice

Part A - Introduction


Last revised: 09 Dec 2019

The Pandemic flu kit (PFK) and supplementary resources were first developed in 2008 by the RACGP. Following a review, a second edition of the PFK was released in 2014 under the guidance of the project’s steering committee, the Pandemic Taskforce.

The RACGP received project funding from the Department of Health’s Office of Health Protection to develop the second edition of the PFK.

The RACGP undertook an extensive consultation process to develop this resource and would like to thank those who offered ideas and suggestions and those who provided feedback on drafts. This collective effort has resulted in the production of a comprehensive suite of resources that provides general practices with practical advice on how to best prepare for and respond to an influenza pandemic.

This resource was updated again in 2017 so that the overall structure works through, in order, the four steps of pandemic management: prevention, preparedness, response and recovery (PPRR).

The RACGP would particularly like to thank those involved in the development of the original version of this document: 

  • Dr Penelope Burns (Chair, Pandemic Taskforce)
  • Dr Glynn Kelly (GP – Pandemic Taskforce)
  • Dr Nicholas Collins (GP – Pandemic Taskforce)
  • Dr Nathan Pinskier (GP – Pandemic Taskforce)
  • Professor Chris Del Mar (GP – Pandemic Taskforce)
  • Dr Nicholas Demediuk (GP – Pandemic Taskforce)
  • Dr Kiril Goring-Siebert (GP – Pandemic Taskforce)
  • Dr Jenny Firman (GP and Department of Health Representative – Pandemic Taskforce)
  • Dr Jonathan Anderson (GP – Pandemic Taskforce)
  • Ms Karen Booth (Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association [APNA] Representative – Pandemic Taskforce)
  • Ms Dorothy Melkus (Australian Association of Practice Managers [AAPM] Representative – Pandemic Taskforce) • RACGP Rural
  • RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
  • APNA
  • AAPM
  • Australian Medicare Local Alliance
  • All other GPs and practice staff who provided feedback during the consultation process.