Information for general practitioners working in evacuation centres

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Requirements for paper scripts

Requirements for paper scripts 

It is more than likely electronic prescribing software will not be available in the evacuation centre and you will need to provide paper prescriptions. Ideally, there will be a supply of paper prescription pads with the ability to create multiple copies for record keeping purposes. Alternatively, GPs can choose to supply their own prescription pads. Prescriptions are deemed valid if they are written on blank paper and include the following mandatory information:

  • the prescriber's name, practice address (or address of evacuation centre) and prescriber number
  • the patient’s name, date of birth and address
  • whether the prescription is for a Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) or Repatriation PBS (RPBS) medicine or private script
  • the name, strength and form of the medicine
  • the dose and instructions for use
  • the quantity and number of repeats
  • the prescriber’s signature
  • the date the prescription is written
  • the patient’s Medicare number and any entitlement details, including Commonwealth concession, pension or healthcare card details or veterans’ entitlement number.

When a prescription is issued, the details listed above must be included in the clinical consultation notes.

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