Information for general practitioners working in evacuation centres

Role of GPs

Provider number considerations

Provider number considerations

Normally, practitioners need a provider number for each location they work from. Arrangements are in place to support GPs working in disaster-affected areas.

Provider number mobility for GPs in disaster-affected areas 

In an emergency or disaster-affected area, it is more than likely that provider numbers will become transferable. This allows GPs registered at a location in a disaster-affected area (provided they are an unrestricted provider not working under a 3GA training placement and/or 19AB exemption) to work in evacuation centres or other locations if they are displaced from their practice.

Provider numbers become transferable once a disaster has been declared and can be used in other locations as required. If Services Australia does not implement temporary provider number mobility, GPs working at different locations will need to apply for a temporary provider number via the Services Australia website (see Emergency provider numbers for GPs coming into disaster-affected areas).

Emergency provider numbers for GPs coming into disaster-affected areas

Arrangements are in place to expedite access to provider numbers for GPs who are registered at locations outside of disaster-affected areas and who wish to support provision of care in a disaster-affected area (including at an evacuation centre or an existing medical practice).

Expedited process:

  1. The medical practitioner completes, signs and emails the application form to
  2. The medical practitioner calls 132 150 and advises they will be working in a disaster-affected area and require their application to be processed as a priority.
  3. A Services Australia service officer will locate their application and arrange for its urgent assessment. The service officer will also call the medical practitioner back to advise of the outcome/provider number.
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