Keeping the doctor alive

A self-care guidebook for medical practitioners
Keeping the doctor alive

The purpose of this guidebook is to provide medical practitioners with information and resources on strategies for self-care as an essential element of their professional life.

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At some point in their lives many medical practitioners experience doubts about their career choice and their ability to deal with the stress it produces. It can be difficult to confront these emotions, even when they are causing illness and personal problems.

Depression affects 1 in 5 Australians during their lifetime but it does not have to be a life-long affliction. Medical practitioners can expect unique pressures, just as it can on other health professionals, and sometimes doctors find it difficult to disclose their illnesses to their colleagues and to recognise illness in their colleagues.

This guidebook cannot cure serious depressive illness.

If you rate highly on the checklist in the guideline, please seek professional help. This guidebook is intended to assist the majority of medical practitioners to enhance their quality of life and reduce the risk of serious illness.

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