Professional career management

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Practice Management Module 1

Most GPs recognise that general practice is distinctly different from other medical disciplines.

The community in which GPs work, the astounding range and complexity of illnesses (which often start with subtle symptoms), the fascinating life stories entrusted to us, the ability to make a difference in people’s lives with thoughtful, and timely diagnosis and advice, all contribute to the rich and appealing fabric of general practice.

While general practice is worthwhile and valued, it can be highly stressful.

To be effective and caring GPs, it is essential that our personal lives are rich and fulfilling enough to enable a successful medical journey.

We need to plan and build our careers around our lives to ensure we meet our personal and professional needs.

GPs must consider whether they want, at any point in their professional lives, to commit to practice ownership (and its additional responsibilities, risks and possible rewards) or focus on being an employee or contracted GP.

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