Closing a medical practice

A practical guide to help you close your practice

Closing a Medical Practice Module 13
The reasons for closing a medical practice are many and varied. It is usually the result of one or more doctors in the practice being unable to continue practising medicine due to relocation, retirement, illness or death.

If you are considering closing your medical practice, there are many important decisions that need to be made and legal, regulatory and insurance issues that need to be dealt with. This guide covers some of these issues.

GPs have a legal and ethical duty to provide continuity of care to their patients and this responsibility must be considered when closing a medical practice.

Informing patients of a pending practice closure is the first step towards maintaining continuity of care, as it allows for a timely clinical handover to another practice of the patient’s choice.

Where the practice principal is unable to act (due to death or illness), their responsibilities and obligations fall to their legal representative or estate.The General practice management toolkit: Closing a medical practice was developed in response to RACGP members requesting information relating to retiring from or closing a medical practice.

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