Environmental sustainability in general practice


Last revised: 12 Jul 2022

Good clinical practice can be both high quality and low carbon.

By taking action to minimise the environmental footprint they generate, general practices can actively contribute to preserving our environment and planetary health, helping to manage the current and future adverse health effects of climate change – and reducing practice overheads.

The RACGP’s Environmental sustainability in general practice resource will support Australian GPs and their practice teams to reduce their environmental footprint. The resource can be used by practices in all corners of Australia to become a more environmentally sustainable practice as well as identify, reduce and manage the adverse health effects of climate change. This includes actions on reducing energy consumption, prescribing decisions and advocating on behalf of patients for effective climate change policy and action.

It provides information on:

  • climate change and its impacts on human health
  • the role of GPs and practice staff in addressing climate change and environmental sustainability
  • actions at an individual, practice and population level to minimise the carbon footprint (both clinical and non-clinical).


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The RACGP has also developed an e-waste policy template to help practices articulate how they manage e-waste.