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The RACGP Reconciliation Plan 2020-2022

Media and downloads

The media and downloads section contains links to the current and previous version of the RACGP Reconciliation Action Plans.

In the content below there are also links to related documents, media releases and publications.


Download RACGP Reconcilation Action Plans and related documents

The RACGP has reaffirmed its commitment to reconciliation through the latest Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). This RAP encourages staff to question the status quo,  call out racism and unconscious bias as we strive to create a culturally safe and inclusive organisation.
  1. Please download a copy of our latest, Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan 2020 - 2022.
  2. Download our previous Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan 2014-2015. 
  3. We asked our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Council why RAPs are important and what reconciliation means to them, please see what they had to say.
  4. We asked staff at the RACGP to make their personal commitment to reconciliation, please see what our staff had to say. 
Download the PDF RACGP Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan

RACGP Innovate RAP
2020 - 2022

Download (PDF 12.5 MB)

Download the PDF RACGP Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

2014 - 2015 

  Download (PDF 7.2 MB)

RACGP Member fact sheet
2014 - 2015

Download (PDF 4.4 MB)


Why are Reconciliation Action Plans Important?


Tell us about an action in our latest Reconciliation Action Plan that you’re excited about and committed to incorporating into your work and life?


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