Links to member applications

RACGP website refresh Links to member applications

Where to find your favorites

The location of some of your frequently used applications has changed, but simple navigation allows for ease of access. If you ensure you’re always logged in, you’ll be able to reach all applications quickly and seamlessly.

From the main home page, you can access:

  • gplearning
  • shareGP
  • newsGP
  • recruitGP

Once logged in, the following are available under the MY ACCOUNT button at the top right hand corner of the screen:

  • Update my details
  • gplearning
  • recruitGP
  • shareGP

Depending on individual member permissions, the following are also available under the MY ACCOUNT button:

  • myCPD
  • GPE application (formerly called Your application)
  • payGP

myCPD dashboard can be accessed from the top of the member home page once you have logged in. No changes have been made to the functionality and information displayed on your myCPD dashboard.

This includes:

  • My QI&CPD statement
  • Submit a self-directed activity
  • PLAN