Information on training content

Your mentor training will be divided into two areas: How to thrive in a general practice and how to be an effective mentor.


Topic: Thriving in General Practice.


This topic focuses on requirements for thriving in the workplace, specifically: 

  1. Describing what “functioning well” physiologically, psychologically, emotionally and socially means;
  2. Identifying and discussing sub-optimum functioning, such as disruptive behaviours, emotions, and over-work, with mentees;
  3. Learning effective strategies to mitigate these responses in their mentees;
  4. Practising preventative strategies which can, in turn, be taught to their mentees, including helping GPs to recognise when to stick their hand up for help.

Topic: Mentoring Efficacy


This topic focuses on developing knowledge of how mentoring optimises human performance, specifically and the importance of the context in which mentoring is being applied: 

  1. Understand how to enhance networks for building resilience;
  2. Distinguish between the role of coach and mentor;
  3. Establish relationship boundaries;
  4. Develop active listening skills as a mentor;
  5. Recognise conscious and unconscious bias, the risk of the ‘halo’ effect and focusing on being the best that you can be as a mentor.