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AMH is jointly owned by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) and the Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists (ASCEPT).

AMH is compiled and regularly updated by an Australian editorial team of medical practitioners, pharmacists and other experts. AMH does not contain any drug company advertising, nor does it accept commercial sponsorship or input of any kind.

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Support your decision-making process with an independent, evidence-based, national drug reference tool. The AMH is an important clinical resource for general practitioners concerned with quality patient outcomes. The comparative information makes it unique to other drug reference tools on the market, as it allows you to compare drug information and make informed prescribing choices at point-of-care. AMH content is subjected to an extensive rolling review and update process, so you can be assured that you have the latest quality information at your service.

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AMH Book

An independent, evidence-based, national drug reference, the Australian Medicines Handbook is an important clinical resource for health practitioners concerned with the quality use of medicines. The comparative drug information makes it unique among drug reference tools on the market, as it allows users to compare drugs and make informed prescribing choices.

The July 2020 release of the online version is available now. Some recent changes that may interest you include:

  • revised therapeutic information for dyslipidaemia and ADHD
  • new monographs, eg abemaciclib for breast cancer, tezacaftor with ivacaftor for cystic fibrosis
  • a new comparative table for drugs used in multiple sclerosis and a full monograph for oral cladribine
  • revised advice on the use of valproate and other antiepileptics during pregnancy
  • to make information easier to find, some combination products now have separate monographs, eg fluticasone with salmeterol

Do you know what’s in that combination product? Have a look at our tables, eg antihypertensives, inhalers, combined oral contraceptives.

AMH Children’s Dosing Companion

The AMH Children’s Dosing Companion is Australia's national independent dosing guide for prescribing and administering medicines to children from birth to 18 years.

The July 2020 release of the print and online versions are available now. Changes include new monographs for:

  • fingolimod, the first drug for paediatric multiple sclerosis included in the CDC
  • a new basal-bolus combination insulin containing the ultra-short acting insulin aspart, together with a new long-acting component, insulin degludec

The safe use of domperidone continues to evolve. Doses for nausea and vomiting in children <12 years have been removed in accordance with international advice that the evidence of efficacy in this age group does not offset the potential for harm from adverse effects.

By request, we have researched and included an intranasal dose for clonidine use in pre-operative sedation/analgesia.

Numerous other changes ensure the Children’s Dosing Companion remains current and relevant to safe and effective medicines use in children.

AMH Children’s Dosing Companion also offers inter-product linking to AMH Online. For this to occur, an AMH Online subscription is required.

AMH Children’s Dosing Companion is also available as a print edition.

AMH Aged Care Companion Book & Online

The AMH Aged Care Companion is a trusted, practical reference for doctors who work with older people. It is especially useful for those practitioners who service aged care facilities.

AMH Aged Care Companion contains information on the management of more than 70 conditions common in older people, including dementia and management of behavioural symptoms, delirium, cardiovascular diseases, fall prevention, osteoporosis, COPD, insomnia, depression and wound management. It also contains general principles on the use of medicines in older people.

AMH Aged Care Companion book only is a bi-annual publication.

Changes in the April 2020 release that may be of interest include:

  • updated topics including behavioural & psychological symptoms of dementia, epilepsy, immunisation, nursing home-acquired pneumonia, urinary tract infections
  • a new appendix outlining medication issues for older people during extreme hot weather

Products available direct from AMH is available in the following formats:

AMH Book – approximately 1100 pages; published every January

AMH Online – for desktops, laptops, tablets & smartphones with internet access; can be viewed as an electronic book or by using the advanced search function; annual 12 months subscription; content updated every January and July. Now includes Drug Interactions Search capability for interactions between drug/drug or drug/class pairs

AMH Online can be ordered direct from AMH on 08 7099 8800 or online.

AMH App (desktop or laptop only) – can be viewed as an electronic book or by using the advanced search function; annual 12 months subscription; content updated every January and July; price includes one half-yearly update.

AMH App (desktop or laptop only) can be ordered direct from AMH on 08 7099 8800.

AMH Aged Care Companion Online – for desktop, laptop computers, tablet PCs and smartphones with internet access; annual subscription; content updated annually; contains information on more than 70 specific common conditions in older people;

AMH Aged Care Companion Online is also available as print edition.

AMH Children’s Dosing Companion – for any standard device with internet access; provides information for prescribing and administering medicines for young people in Australia; annual subscription; content updated each January and July.

AMH Children’s Dosing Companion is also available as print edition.

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