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Type: On-demand
Recorded: 19 Apr 2022


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STI&HIV Care Update - Ask us anything!

On-demand recorded 19 Apr 2022

With NSW reopening GPs should expect to see an increase in STIs and HIV presentations during 2022. The interactive forum will update GPs in the latest epidemiology, guidelines, contemporary practice and hot topics in STI HIV care. GPs will gain knowledge and confidence in HIV and STI care by listening to expert advice tailored to the General Practice setting.

The session will be facilitated by GPs, Sexual Health specialists and a patient rep with participants able to ask questions before and during the forum.

Learning outcomes

  1. Describe HIV and STI epidemiology in NSW
  2. Increase confidence and knowledge in comprehensive HIV and STI prevention, testing, treatment and contact tracing as part of routine care
  3. Identify barriers and solutions for STI HIV General Practice consultations
  4. Identify support resources and referral pathways for STI HIV consultations
This event attracts 2 CPD points

This event attracts 2 CPD points


Dr Tim Senior

Dr Tim Senior is a GP at the Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation in South West Sydney. He is Medical Advisor to the RACGP in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health and is a clinical senior lecturer in general practice and Indigenous Health at the University of Western Sydney.


Dr Catriona Ooi
Director, Northern Sydney Sexual Health Service

Miriam Delailomaloma


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