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REC-R - Academic Registrars' Showcase 2021 Members login for free access About RACGP online events


Type: On-demand
Recorded: 9 Feb 2021


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REC-R - Academic Registrars' Showcase 2021

On-demand recorded 9 Feb 2021

Have you considered applying for the RACGP Academic Post Program? This webinar will showcase GP research undertaken by participants of the RACGP Academic Post program, presented by the researchers.

Each presenter will provide a brief overview of their project and the highlights and challenges in conducting it. The presenting researchers will also participate in a Q&A session with the audience.

Those interested in engaging in GP research and curious others are invited to attend. If you are potentially interested in an Academic Post, this webinar will provide inspiration for possible projects.

Learning outcomes

  1. To showcase the research done by participants in the RACGP Academic Post program to raise the profile of GP research
  2. To raise awareness among GP registrars and interested other of the purpose of the RACGP Academic Post program and the possibilities for research projects
  3. To raise awareness of research undertaken by participants of the RACGP Academic Registrar
  4. To raise awareness of how a career in GP research can enhance the career of interested GPs.
This event attracts 2 CPD points

This event attracts 2 CPD points

This event is part of GP research webinar series 2020-2022. Events in this series are:


Dr Liz Sturgiss

Dr Liz Sturgiss is a clinical general practitioner and primary care researcher at Monash University, Melbourne. Liz leads an emerging research program on the management of complex and stigmatised health issues in primary care, focusing on translating guidelines into real-world practice. Her clinical practice focuses on caring for people with substance dependence and complex multi-morbidity. One of the things Liz enjoys most about academic practice is engaging with people from diverse backgrounds, discussing exciting new ideas, and being involved in research that changes clinical practice. She has representative roles with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, the Australasian Association for Academic Primary Care, and on the International Committee of the North American Primary Care Research Group.


Dr Anna Power

Academic registrar with the University of Melbourne 2020

Dr Ching Kay Li

GP academic registrar and associate lecturer, Monash University

Dr Isaac Tranter

MBBS, MPH&TM University of Queensland Primary Care Clinical Unit

Dr Amelia Woods

Grant Funded Researcher, University of Adelaide. Junior Researcher, GPEx.


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