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Neurosurgery - What you need to know about pituitary tumours and aneurysms Members login for free access About RACGP online events


Type: On-demand
Recorded: 14 Jul 2021


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Neurosurgery - What you need to know about pituitary tumours and aneurysms

On-demand recorded 14 Jul 2021

This webinar will provide GPs with general concepts on tumours of the pituitary gland and parasellar regions, with special emphasis on the general management and surgical options.

The presentation will include some exemplary cases of pituitary surgery. Specialists will discuss aneurysms, learning about the natural history, epidemiology and clinical presentation of unruptured and ruptured aneurysms. Management paradigms will be discussed.

Learning outcomes

  1. Recognise radioanatomical features related to the diagnosis and treatment of tumours of the sellar and parasellar regions
  2. Be aware of the different surgical options for the treatment of pituitary tumours and optimise patients’ surgical post-surgical management
  3. Discuss the treatment options, risks of management and follow up of both ruptured and unruptured aneurysms
  4. Discuss some of the landmark evidence that inform contemporary management of aneurysms
This event attracts 2 CPD points

This event attracts 2 CPD points


Prof Antonio Di Leva

Professor Antonio Di Ieva is a Consultant Neurosurgeon with 18 years of experience in brain, skull base, peripheral nerve and spine surgery, as well as pain neuromodulation.

Dr Shinuo Liu

Dr Liu is a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. He graduated from UNSW Medicine with Honours and was trained at major Australasian Neurosurgical centres including Royal North Shore, Auckland City, St George and Macquarie University Hospitals


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