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Developmental Delay in Children: Assessment and Management Members login for free access About RACGP online events


Type: On-demand
Recorded: 21 Oct 2020


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Developmental Delay in Children: Assessment and Management

On-demand recorded 21 Oct 2020

Children and their parents/carers frequently present to primary care providers with concerns regarding their child's communication and social skills, fine and gross motor skills, musculoskeletal development and growth. It is well known that primary care settings play a vital role in the early detection and appropriate management of developmental delay in paediatric populations. In order to identify developmental delay, it is important to have a clear framework for the assessment of development in children, be able to recognise the variations in normal development, and to have a working list of the possible differential diagnoses and management options including referral pathways to paediatricians and allied health providers.

Learning outcomes

  1. Screen children for developmental delays, have an approach to baseline investigations, and identify pathways to further diagnostic evaluation
  2. Identify patterns in motor development that warrant referral to a physiotherapist or other allied health professional
  3. Explain to families/carers role of allied health providers in assessment and management of developmental delay
  4. Utilise the pathways for management including community health, private therapists and the NDIS early childhood early intervention (ECEI) pathway
This event attracts 2 CPD points

This event attracts 2 CPD points


Dr Penny Uther

Paediatrician, Paediatrics Discipline Lead

Jan Hancock

Lead Physiotherapist, Paediatric Services; Conjoint Lecturer, Discipline of Physiotherapy MQ Health, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Macquarie University


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