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Befriending your new MyCPD dashboard

Helena Goczol
Welcome to Befriending your new CPD dashboard.
The aim of today's session is to introduce you to the new myCPD dashboard so that GPs will be able to use it efficiently to log CPD activities, find provider led activities and RACGP resources to meet the 2022 to 22 triennium requirements.
By the end of this activity, you will refresh your 2020-22 triennium CPD requirements, identify features of the myCPD dashboard, differentiate between CPD activities and CPD accredited activities and recognize when to log quick log or self-direct activities.
This triennium there have been minimal changes to your CPD requirements, you are still required to do two mandatory CPD accredited activities - these were the former category one activities and one basic life support. Basic life support has replaced the basic CPR activities. However, this triennium we will still be accepting basic CPR activities.
You are required to gain a minimum of 130 points and this could be done with a combination of CPD accredited activities, the former category one activities and CPD activities, the former Category two activities.
You have the option to choose provider led activities or self-record activities to meet the minimum requirements.
Features which have been removed from this triennium requirements are the mandatory quality improvement activity.
You may have already recognized that the title of the program has been changed to CPD activity, meaning that quality improvement should be engaged in all CPD activities. The second change is the removal of the cap of 20 points for self-directed activities, you are now able to record any number of self-directed Category two activities for two points per hour. However, each activity will be capped at 30 points per activity. So that's 15 hours per activity.
This triennium, there is a focus on a streamlined process to support GPs to meet the CPD triennium requirements. So the complexity of forms for self-recording activities has been reviewed and updated.
You will find that submitting a quick log activity will merely take minutes or a CPD accredited activities will not take a lot longer than that.
So the features introduced this triennium, you have the ability to record a greater range of activities that are related to clinical and non-clinical work, you have the ability to access the myCPD dashboard from multiple devices and are encouraged to record CPD on the run.
The RACGP has revised the educational standards in line with the APRHA’s medical boards move to implement changes for a professional performance framework.
The suggestion is that in 2023 GPs might need to be recording up to 50 hours of CPD, and those activities will fall into three different categories.
For these purposes the RACGP has strengthened the educational standards and renamed the title of the category of activities so category one activities are now called CPD accredited activities. And this name change recognizes the amount of work that both providers and the RACGP put into reviewing and assessing the activities to ensure they are have a high standard with a strong educational rigor.
CPD activities, the previous category to activities will still receive two points per hour. And they are just as valuable as the CPD accredited activities.
In the handbook, which I will show you shortly there is a clear explanation of the basic life support. And there is a completion - and there will be an optional completion of a plan activity. However, this will be delivered later on in the triennium.
There is a new feature introduced this triennium was the categorization of the following types of CPD activities: skills and knowledge, reviewing performance, measuring outcomes.
For the CPD for the 2022 triennium the RACGP is creating a simpler stronger and seamless program designed to help the busy practitioner to identify and source relevant education that will support their professional development across the breadth of general practice.
So the recording of CPD has been simplified and the types of education activities has been broadened to recognize what GPS do in their everyday professional practice.
The revised CPD educational standards will strengthen the educational rigor of CPD offered by the RACGP and their providers.
Some of this, the three categories of CPD education that GPs will now flag against their CPD accredited activities includes skills and knowledge, measuring performance and measuring outcomes, this is not, this is not been made mandatory this triennium. However, you will notice that all of your CPD activities listed on your statement will be flagged against one of these types of activities.
The classification of MBA types of activities is for your information only, and it's not a requirement. So depending on the nature of the activity more than one CPD type may be applicable, however, only one type of CPD education activity can be chosen for recording. The choice will be guided by the major outcomes are achieved.
These include increased knowledge and or skills, feedback or peer review quality improvement or measuring measurement of outcomes or the key reasons for undertaking the activity.
General Practice work is diverse and not all of it involves direct patient care. The clinical GP is in direct contact with the patient and the community. GPs working in academic administrative or research roles contribute to the health of patients and the community in a less direct capacity. CPD is relevant to all roles that a GP undertakes and there are a number of options available for CPD that are relevant to both clinical and non-clinical aspects of practice.
So the professional development that is related to what the individual has defined as their scope of practice is that at the core of educational choices made
In choosing a CPD education activity, consider your current and future scope of practice and choose high quality educational resources or activities that will enhance or develop new skills and knowledge within your defined scope.
Options for undertaking your CPD: you have four options for undertaking professional development to meet your CPD requirements.
Activities displaying these logos are conducted by RACGP education providers and should not be recorded in quick log or as self-directed activities.
The CPD points will be uploaded by the provider and the points will appear in your CPD history with one month of attendance.
Providers will make you aware if your activities are accredited by the CPD program. Always look out for this logo.
The quick log logo, you will find our top providers, including Australian Dr Group Ramsey healthcare, Reed Medical Education, National Prescribing Services Medicines Today and Sonic Healthcare, also Health Edge use this logo to identify resources and activities that you are encouraged to self-log as they are not accrediting them for the CPD program.
Your fourth option for recording educational activities is through GP led educational activities both these activities fall under the categories of CPD accredited activities and CPD activities.
You can complete the activity forms from the myCPD dashboard.
This recognizes that not all GPs have access to provider led accredited activities or may choose to self-direct to their mandatory requirements.
There is a list in the RACGP GP handbook that outlines the types of activities that would be listed for a quick log. And these would include reading journals, watching webinars, listening to podcasts, peer discussions, research, patient based research.
CPD accredited activities are generally those activities which lead to quality improvement.
Where you or your group of GPs has the opportunity to review systems and processes and implement changes and reflect on those changes.
Other activities that can be listed under quick log - If you are a member of a committee or a board, health or hospital boards, organizing committees for clinical meetings and conferences and representatives as a GP on a panel.
We're now going to have a look at the dashboard and you may be familiar with logging on to the website. If you haven't logged onto the website before, you go to, you enter your username and password. If you are not familiar with those please contact your state faculty and they will help you with your username and password or you can simply reset your password by using the forgotten and reset tab, an email will be sent to your recognized email to do that. I will now go live to the dashboard.
When you log on, you will fall on this page, you can go to the myCPD dashboard from this tab or from my account and you can select my CPD
You also have another have a number of other options here. You might familiarize yourself with, PayGP, Update your details, you can update your payment details and your subscriptions as well. If you are a full member, you also have access to GP learning.
So the features of the MyCPD dashboard. On the left hand side here, you can see the contact details for your local CPD team, you might already be familiar with them. Here in New South Wales I have myself, Helena Goczol, Program Coordinator, Angelique Tere is also a Program Coordinator and Courtney Lloyd is our CPD Administrator and can be contact- We can be contacted by email or fax or phone
So an overview of the dashboard, you are able to download your triennium statement here by clicking that button. If you wish to view previous triennium statements you are able to view them by selecting this tab here.
And that should take you back to the previous triennium
You have the option of selecting 14-16 to 17-19 triennium. If you require your completion certificate for last triennium for meeting the mandatory requirements. You can also print your completion certificate by selecting my CPD statement for the 2017 to 19 statement.
So going back to this triennium your CPD statement is printed as a PDF, which you can email or print for your use. All your CPD accredited activities are listed on this statement. We regularly encourage you to check your statement to ensure its currency and that all activities you have completed have been uploaded.
This section of the website you can see how many points you have accrued over the year and how many hours this equates to. You also see here how much time is remaining in this triennium. By clicking this Chevron, you will see how- whether you have met your minimum mandatory requirements in points and whether you've completed both the CPD accredited activities and the BLS activities.
This chart here outlines the percentage of activities - CPD activities that you have completed and below is a list of CPD accredited activities generally submitted by providers and my quick log history is a history of all of those activities you have logged individually. By clicking this button takes you to the quick log option.
If you have completed activities with the RACGP and you require a certificate of evidence. You can download that certificate by clicking on this button here.
If you are interested in attending CPD provider led activities you can use the browser to search for educational activities that are currently accredited for CPD points. You can select by title, you can also refine your search by state, specific requirements. You may have a specific requirement that you're seeking to meet this triennium, these educational activities referred to those GPs who might have access to MBS item numbers or have a specialty with another college.
You can also select by date range and any of the days of the week that you're interested in attending activities. All notifications for current CPD accredited activities are listed here and more details about those activities are listed under that tab. So the dates the activity will run the location and the provider to the left and how many hours the activity is. Here we have a description of the aim of the activity, the relevance to the general practice and a list of the learning outcomes, domains of General Practice and the contextual units.
You are able to contact providers directly with online activities, you should be able to register directly online if you require more information.
If you complete self-directed activities you log them here.
Any CPD activities that you wish to log can be quickly logged under a quick log simply by selecting either a predetermined title. So you might do. For instance, a webinar. We would encourage you to ensure that your titles relate to the educational activity and give us some detail of what is being completed. Make sure that the titles are meaningful.
Simply type in the meaningful title, the date the activity was completed and how many hours it was. At this point only at a minimum of a half hour activity can be logged up to 15 hours. A 15 hour activity would be maxed at 30 points per activity.
Here you have the option to identify whether this activity was skills and knowledge, reviewing performance or measuring outcomes.
You are able to write a note here.
If you are using any handheld devices. You can also press the microphone for speak to text response. Down here, you have the option of uploading any documents. We encourage you to use this as your virtual filing case, any certificates programs minutes of meetings, personal notes can be added here as well. And you simply submit the educational activity.
Okay. And that will be listed on your statement. If you are wanting to submit a notification for completing a basic life support activity, it must be done from the self-log option, you do not have the option to flag any quick log activities as a CPR activity.
So when logging your basic life support activity, please ensure that you have the certificate and the program to attach to the notification. Please ensure that the activity title is meaningful and has a minimum of 10 characters.
Lodge, the number of hours that were completed.
A CPD or basic life support activity should be interactive, the date you attended, how the learning was completed. If you select blended learning you will need to input your URL. Otherwise, alternatively, as a face to face, you will put in the location, and the postcode.
As I suggested earlier, there's mandatory requirement for you to attach a certificate of completion. Simply by attaching it here. Once that is uploaded ensure that you have read the privacy and confidentiality statement.
And select that, over the course of the triennium the RACGP CPD program does do spot checks of notifications submitted by GPs. So there is a chance that we might contact you in reviewing your CPD statements to ensure they are correct and current.
You can submit the activity and that will be listed on your statement or save a draft.
You are able to draft notifications to be able to go back to your draft, you need to go back to log then you will find the draft notification at the bottom of the self-direct activity. Depending on how many drafts, you have there, you might need to go backwards or forwards in a page and you can just open those notifications and continue those logs and that applies to these CPD accredited activities. Okay. From this option, you also have an option to - from this area, you have the option to self-direct your CPD accredited activity forms. These CPD accredited activities. Activities that focus on quality Improvement. Last triennium GPs would have found that they were able to attend unaccredited activities with other providers and submit them as CPD accredited activities.
However, this training that is now limited only to those GPS, who are completing peer group learning, supervised clinical attachment activities, GP research, any individual or practice audits, evidence based medicine journal clubs, peer reviewed journal articles. So if you as a GP are involved in writing and reviewing journal articles you are able to apply for 40 category one points, random case analysis, if you are an educator, supervisor or examiner you are able to lodge notifications for completing your work, so preparing, delivering and reviewing your, your systems and practices. If you complete any higher educational activities or professional certifications you are able to record points for each semester or module or unit that you have completed and each notification is valued at 40 category one points.
You'll notice that any higher educational activities that you complete the providers should be registered with TEQSA. So the tertiary education quality standards agency and these include higher educational activities Graduate Certificate diplomas master's degrees and Doctor. Of Philosophy
And there is also a range of activities which are areas of studies which are approved by the medical board of Australia and those activities are listed here in this guide. So the specific organizations listed here.
You'll see that the notifications are, they are all the same and only take minutes to complete. You would include the title, the total hours. Each notification is limited to 40 points you are encouraged this triennium to submit notifications per unit or subject. The name of the educational Institution, you select the domains of general practice, the contextual units which are related to this topic a minimum of one contextual unit needs to be identified, why you've identify- undertaken this activity, if those are not relevant you can select other and free text.
If this activity meets special requirement eligibility, you select that and you will need to attach your evidence, the certificate or the program of studies should show the evidence.
Also for those GPs who belong to the RACGP procedural grants program. If you are attending activities to claim for the grants program, please select which area you've completed the activity and also attach a program of studies which outlines how the activity meets the requirements, these notifications will be referred to the grants program for review.
And finally, there will be an evaluation and reflection activity that you will complete before reading the declaration and submitting the activities. These CPD activity - Accredited activity notifications will all require evidence of completion for submission. So at a minimum, we expect to see a certificate or acknowledgement of completion or attendance and a program of studies. All of these educational notifications are reviewed by the RACGP.
Once you submit that activity that will appear on your CPD statement.
At the top of your screen under the self-log, if you are wanting to read more information about the CPD programs and the definitions of the different types of activities you can submit under quick log or self-directed activities, please open up the CPD provider - The GP handbook and I encourage you to save that to your desktop, so it's easy to access. It does get updated occasionally. So I would encourage you to refresh this, maybe on a yearly basis. Below here in the resources are a list of program outlines and templates that we encourage you to use for when you are completing the CPD accredited activities. They are all quite user friendly; however, if you need more information, please do not hesitate your local CPD team.
Other resources can be found. Sorry. If you are looking for RACGP faculty events. They are listed here. So New South Wales are currently running a number of activities. We have a host of webinars that run on a weekly basis which you might be interested in and are very popular. So please refer to the events and courses page.
And finally, you can, you review your profile and make any updates, if necessary, or any changes to your CPD profile.
So that brings us to the end of this webinar. I hope you find it useful to submit your CPD activities. If you need any further support please do not hesitate to call your local team. Again, the numbers are listed here on the website.
Thank you.

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Originally recorded:

3 December 2020

Join us for a quick introduction webinar (30 min) to the New CPD dashboard and learn about the features introduced:

• Record a greater range of activities (related to clinical and non-clinical work)
• Quick Log- quickly self-record points
• Changes to the triennium requirements
• View provider accredited activities in My CPD browser


Helena Goczol
CPD Program Coordinator, Faculties


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