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Referral Writing: Clear communication

A new RACGP publication will provide GPs with support in writing quality referral letters.

As is the case for people in any profession, it is difficult for healthcare practitioners to perform to the best of their abilities – and provide patients the best possible care – if they don’t have all of the information necessary to do their job.

Quality referral letters from GPs to specialists help to provide all healthcare parties with the material required to make the most informed decisions and provide patients with genuine continuity of care.

‘Once you refer someone to a specialist there is a triad, if you like – the patient, the GP and the specialist – and it’s about making sure each person is well informed as to what their particular role is,’ Dr Beres Wenck, GP and Chair of the RACGP Expert Committee – GP Advocacy and Funding, told Good Practice. ‘Quality referral writing makes it easier for the specialist to give an opinion if all of the information that is required is included in the letter.