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JulyofcDr Gerry Considine understands the need for healthcare professionals to spend time following their interests outside of the consulting room. As a GP in rural South Australia, Conside’s passion for aviation and the time he spends in his own aircraft, Plane Jane, allows him to relax away from work and more easily access patients in remote areas.

GPs and practice staff should ideally be able to expect a safe environment when they come to work and few circumstances are likely to cause more anguish than being confronted with patient-initiated violence. The RACGP’s newly updated General practice – A safe place: Tips and tools aims to help GPs navigate the challenges related to a safe work environment.

Ensuring patients follow the advice of healthcare practitioners can be a difficult balance. Making patients more active participants in some of the decisions relating to their care can make a significant difference to patient adherence.

The RACGP has updated its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural awareness active learning module in order to help GPs and other practice staff better understand and connect with the patient population.

The relationship they have with their patients means GPs are in a unique position to help implement policies aimed at encouraging parents to vaccinate their children.