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GPMT Starting a medical practice

As with any business, starting your own general practice involves a number of logistical hurdles: location, patient base, billing and fi nances, staffi ng, the list goes on. These problems can present a challenge for GPs who don’t necessarily have a background in such business-related matters.

The RACGP’s General practice management toolkit (the Toolkit) is designed to help GPs approach and successfully manage these types of issues. The Toolkit’s fourth module, Starting a medical practice, includes information on topics such as locating and valuing a site, defi ning the practice style, business fi nance and renting versus buying.

‘The Starting a medical practice module was developed in response to a strong level of member enquiry to the RACGP for information in regard to this topic. Many GPs want to transition to owning a practice,’ Dr Neville Steer, a practice owner and key GP author of the Toolkit, told Good Practice.

‘Medical practices have a vast range of business and clinical issues to address. The module provides a comprehensive review of these matters, ranging from staff employment to occupational health and safety, fi nancial considerations and infrastructure needs.’