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Issue 10 | October 2014Computing and health informatics has become an increasingly vital tool in improving business and health outcomes in general practice. Health informatics encompasses the rapidly evolving discipline of using computing, networking and electronic communications to support the health-related fields. ‘The aim of health informatics is to lead to improved healthcare delivery, improved services. It’s about efficiency; working smarter not harder,’ RACGP National Faculty of Specific Interests’ Health Informatics Network Chair, Dr Nathan Pinskier, told Good Practice.

The link between diabetes and mental health has long been known among healthcare professionals, but a recent survey from Diabetes NSW revealed that 90% of respondents had not spoken to their GP about managing their emotional or mental health. As the first point of medical contact for so many, GPs are well placed to make issues of mental health part of the standard model of care for patients with diabetes.

More than three decades after HIV was first identified, effective antiretroviral therapy has revolutionised its treatment and management from a fatal infection to something closer to a manageable chronic disease. As people with HIV are living longer, primary health professionals need to adjust their care to accommodate an ageing patient population.

Disasters and emergencies can occur at any place and general practices services will often required. The RACGP’s Emergency Response Planning Tool provides practices with a tailored action plan that can allow them to continue providing vital services in the event of disaster.

Managing a career in general practice can often be a complicated notion. The Professional career management module from the RACGP’s General practice management toolkit is designed to provide GPs of all experience levels help with determining how they want their career to progress, as well as how to strike the best work–life balance.