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Smoking Cessation: Clearing the smoke

Australia has made significant progress in combating tobacco smoking in the last five decades. The number of Australians who smoke on a daily basis now sits at a record low of 16% for those aged 15 years and older. Numbers remain higher in Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (50%) and prison (80%) populations.

For Dr Colin Mendelsohn, a doctor with more than 30 years’ experience in smoking cessation and the Vice President of the Australian Association of Smoking Cessation Professionals, personally witnessing the devastation smoking causes to healthy individuals is what first established his interest in helping patients quit.

‘I saw my father slowly getting sick from smoking-related illnesses and, even though he was a doctor, he was not able to quit,’ he told Good Practice. ‘It became very clear [to me] that this was an area that people really needed help.’