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Good Practice

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Issue 1/2 | January/February 2014The cover of the first issue of Good Practice for 2014 features Dr John Gullotta, Sydney’s own ‘Rock Doctor’. As a GP for many of Australia’s major touring and entertainment companies, Dr Gullotta treats some of the biggest stars who perform in Sydney, as well as their friends and entourages. An Adjunct Associate Professor, this busy GP is also teaches medical students, owns and operates his own practice, serves on a number of medical and pharmaceutical boards, and works with the Italian consulate in Sydney.

With the latest studies putting the number of people with diabetes at 382 million globally, health professionals need to be more aware than ever of this chronic disease. With the World Diabetes Congress having taken place in Melbourne in December 2013, experts Professor Paul Zimmet and Dr Gary Deed discuss the state of diabetes in Australia and around the world, and what the medical industry needs to do in the face of this coming epidemic.     

GPs are often an altruistic people, and offering their medical expertise to countries in the most need is one of the best ways for them to make a difference. Australian GP Steve Margolis recently volunteered in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley, an experience he found rewarding on a professional and personal level, and one he would recommend to any other health professional.

Discussing matters of sexual health with a GP can difficult for patients of any age, but recent studies have shown young Australian are reluctant to raise the issue with them at all. With many of these young people going online for answers to their questions, the internet may be the key to more comfortably starting the conversation in a clinical setting.