Health advocate and leader

Community orientation



  Entry Foundation Consolidation Fellowship
Rationally and responsibly use the healthcare system Demonstrate knowledge of the structure and resource limitations of the Australian healthcare system   Demonstrate understanding of limitations and judicious use of healthcare resources Maintain knowledge of relevant government-funded programs and access appropriately
      Appraise and review use of government-funded programs to ensure compliance with guidelines Advocate for barriers to access to local community care to be addressed
      Demonstrate a rational and evidence-based approach to diagnostic and surveillance investigations  
Identify and address contributors to health inequity and advocate for care access Identify the priority population groups in Australia and the determinants that contribute to poorer health outcomes in these groups Facilitate screening and access to care for individuals from priority population groups Identify impact of social, cultural and environmental determinants on local community health and access to care Identify strategies to improve health equity in the local community
      Identify socioculturally appropriate health services to refer individuals from priority population groups to optimise health Identify and manage emerging public health risks in the local community
      Identify barriers to accessing care for the local community