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Medmate Australia

Free e-script collateral pack



Recently introduced electronic prescriptions (e-scripts) are quickly revolutionising the way doctors prescribe and dispense medicine. The accelerated introduction of e-scripts in Australia, primarily due to COVID-19, has paved the way for a safer, more efficient, accurate and convenient prescribing experience for doctors, pharmacists and patients.

The major benefits of e-scripts include:

  • Improved health outcomes through better patient adherence
  • Improved patient safety and reduced prescription errors
  • Greater choice and convenience for patients
  • Reduction in environmental impact

Medmate are helping educate medical clinics, pharmacies and patients on the benefits of e-scripts and how they work. We have collateral available to medical practices that outlines how easy and safe it is for patients to not only receive an e-script, but fulfil the prescription online.

If you are interested in finding out more or receiving our free e-script collateral pack, come visit the Medmate stand or find out more here.

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