Your key training contacts

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Your key training contacts
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28 February 2023
Most registrars, supervisors and medical educators will be familiar with the Training Management System (TMS) traditionally used in their region. As part of the transition to college led training, nationally all participants in the RACGP training program will use a new TMS.
You would have received your TMS login details via email on the date you commence training with the RACGP.
Get the best out of your TMS
If you are curious about training and how to best utilise the TMS system – visit the Training Management System (TMS) webpage. There are a variety of resources available to get you on track with the TMS, including a downloadable TMS guide and step-by-step training videos.
Registrars transitioning from an RTO
If you are a registrar who has transitioned from an RTO, you may have noticed the TMS is a little light on your training data. While the information has been delivered by the RTOs, not all the data has been populated yet. We continue to work on this, and hope to have it completed soon. Thanks for your patience.
Access the electronic Therapeutic Guidelines (eTG)
As an RACGP registrar, you will have access to the electronic Therapeutic Guidelines (eTG) via the TMS from your date of commencement with the RACGP.
Updating your Medicare Provider Number in the TMS
If you have not done so, we encourage you to prioritise logging into the Training Management System (TMS) and entering your Medicare Provider Number (MPN) through the Trainee Portfolio. The MPN is the key identifier that enables payment of your Registrar Support Payments. Payments are imminent, but unable to be completed without your MPN. Here’s a step-by-step video to help you update your MPN in the TMS.
If you need further support, please contact - so that we can get you online asap.

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