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Public health and natural disasters

Managing pandemics in general practice

The demand for general practice services will generally increase in the event of a pandemic. It is therefore essential that general practices are well prepared to respond to pandemics such as influenza, both from a clinical and business continuity perspective. It is also important that general practices include as part of a plan for the management of pandemics, actions and tasks around prevention as well as recovery from the impacts of a pandemic. 

The RACGP has developed a number of resources which support general practices to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and illnesses, safeguard the safety of practice staff and continue to provide high quality clinical care to patients in the event of pandemic. 

The Pandemic Flu Kit

The pandemic flu kit is a 3-part resource which provides the practice team with information to build knowledge and competency in managing the impact of a pandemic.

1. Managing pandemic influenza in general practice – A guide for prevention, preparation, response and recovery

This resource provides comprehensive information to support practice teams across all stages of a pandemic from prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

2. Implementation guide

This resource in flip chart format contains clear tangible actions which are specifically aligned with the pandemic stages as outlined in the Australian Health Management Plan for Pandemic Influenza, including Preparedness, Standby, Initial Action, Targeted and Stand down.

3. Pandemic influenza toolkit

This resource is a collection of operational documents developed to support general practices in their preparedness and response efforts. This toolkit comprises pandemic planning templates, triage algorithms and scripts.


The RACGP has also developed a range of posters designed to communicate prevention and preparedness strategies and tips to patients.

Stop influenza poster

Patient alert poster

Bug alert poster

Correct use of personal protection equipment poster

Putting on a mask poster

Removing a mask poster