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Dr Maya Luks

On the Fellowship pathway, Adelaide


Dr Maya Luks


For Dr Maya Luks, the choice of general practice was an easy one when she found an inspiring mentor who showed her the diversity within practice and the ability to apply her knowledge to a wide range of patients.

Maya’s mentor demonstrated an inspiring passion for general practice and a dedication to his patients, which ultimately unveiled her own devotion to improving the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

For Maya, general practice enables her to continually fulfil her thirst for knowledge and expand her skills. Her career allows her to provide continuity of care and to see patients from all different spectrums of life.

"It is a very rewarding feeling and I think when you do have challenges in your day, it helps to know that
you have made a difference."

Maya began her general practice training in hospitals before moving moved into community practices.

During her training, Maya was able to experience four weeks in a rural general practice and four weeks in an urban general practice in Adelaide giving her good insight into the diversity of the specialty and how general practice can be tailored to the community.

Maya has completed her general practice training and Fellowship examinations. She was awarded the RACGP David Game Prize for her outstanding Fellowship exam results in the first semester of 2018, an experience she describes as ‘humbling’.

Maya now looks forward to moving into her future of serving her community as an RACGP-trained GP.

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