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Rural health

Living in rural and remote Australia offers an enviable lifestyle

However, with such diversity comes the challenge of accessing a general practitioner. Most rural communities can access a general practitioner, however, the smaller the town, the greater the challenge patients have in receiving ongoing treatment from a general practitioner.

General practitioners in rural Australia are involved in all aspects of patient care and may be more likely than GPs in the city to provide health care at a range of locations. For example a general practitioner in a rural community may provide health care at a private general practice, aged care facility as well as at the local or regional hospital.

These general practitioners may also work together with their colleagues to provide health care after-hours and to assist in managing health care during an emergency.

The RACGP is committed to ensuring rural patients’ get access to high quality general practice health care. The RACGP supports more than 7,700 rural GPs currently working in regional, rural or remote communities in Australia. We seek to ensure our GPs have access to the relevant training and resources so they can meet the health needs of their patients.